A gift of any amount will help us to teach more children about diversity.

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Cultivating inclusion and awareness about different cultures and identities and providing mirrors through literature is beneficial for all children.

Not only does spreading multicultural awareness and inclusion help children who have different identities succeed, but it also encourages acceptance in our diverse world.

Our world is growing more interconnected, so it is important we teach children to embrace those different from themselves.




A gift of just $1 allows us to teach one more child about diversity.

Your money will go directly toward books and materials that we will use to teach children about diversity. With your donation, we will be able to expand our influence to more schools and encourage these conversations about different cultures and identities.

Donate Books

By donating a book, you are ensuring we will have the resources to continue our lessons far into the future.
These diverse books allow participants to see themselves represented in literature and teach them to be more open-minded and accepting citizens.

How to Donate Books:

We are specifically looking for picture books aimed at K-2nd graders that feature a human character with a diverse identity.

Please send all books to Community Reads (care of Upper School Office) at 5204 Roland Ave, Baltimore, MD 21210 or order directly from our Amazon wishlist. We accept all new and gently used books!

All unused books will go directly to the Maryland Book Bank or be used as Lifelong Learning prizes to further children’s love for diverse literature.

Tax receipts available upon request!

Donate Books

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