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You can help us make a difference! We rely on assistance from our community to keep our organization running smoothly and efficiently!

Volunteers help educate children on diversity to help them be more comfortable with themselves and others. They also help us expand our program so we can influence as many children as possible during the crucial window of K-2nd grade when children begin developing their perception of the world. Volunteers will receive community service hours!

Volunteer Opportunities

Lesson Plan Developer

Help us create the influential lessons based on diverse books!

Lesson Leader

Help us lead our lessons and directly impact and interact with our participants!

Social Media Coordinator

Help us spread the word about our program and encourage more children to join our readings!

Newsletter Manager

Help us stay in touch with parents/guardians of our participants!

Outreach Director

Help us reach out and connect with schools to expand our influence and other organizations to form valuable partnerships!

Campaign Manager

Help us win grants and receive donations to keep the core of our organization funded and running for years to come!

Have another way you think you can contribute? Reach out to us at info@ourcommunityreads.com!


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